What we do

We establish processes for the integration of our clients to the digital world through the web, social networks and much more.


At Neuromedia we execute strategies linked to the return on your investment, therefore, we always track the value actions that are important to your company, not only clicks, impressions and reproductions, but the true actions that generate growth for you.



Trueview in-stream

Allow users to choose your brand through video

The ad runs before, during, or after other videos. After 5 seconds, the user has the option to skip the ad. It is only paid after 30 seconds of playback (or when the user sees the entire ad if the duration is shorter) or if the user interacts with the ad.

There are different types of ads according to the length of the video and it is recommended to use horizontal, vertical and rectangular formats.

Venta / Leads

El anuncio corre antes, durante o después de otros videos. Después de 5 segundos, el usuario tiene la opción de saltear el anuncio. Sólo se paga a partir de los 30 segundos de reproducción [o cuando el usuario ve la totalidad del anuncio si la duración es menor] o si el usuario interactúa con el anuncio.

Con cada búsqueda tiene lugar una subasta que define cuáles serán los anuncios que aparecerán. Se muestran hasta 4 anuncios por página de resultados.



Shopping Search Ads

Stay present when users are looking to buy something.

Connect with those who are searching with the intention of buying. With Shopping Ads, every time a user searches to “buy” an item that they have available in their store, they can appear in the search results with an image and a link to your site.

To create Shopping Ads it is necessary to have an e-commerce, have a product catalog in Merchant Center and that the Google Ads account is linked to this latter account.

App Downloads


App Downloads

Connect with the right user, at the right time.

An application campaign is a comprehensive resource to cover download opportunities, such as: search in the Google Play Store, in search engines, in the navigation of other applications, YouTube and web browsing through mobile phones.

With each opportunity, an auction takes place that defines which ad will appear. Only one ad per format type page is displayed.

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